A Modern Gideon and Mrs. Gideon
By Mrs. David L. Cooper
Installment 20

"Your Adversary The Devil, As A Roaring Lion, Walketh About,
Seeking Whom He May Devour:
Whom Withstand Stedfast In Your Faith …" (I Peter 5:8-9)

IN THE FALL AND WINTER OF 1954 and the spring of 1955 the work of the Biblical Research Society was running along very smoothly and peacefully—just like a boat drifting on a smoothly flowing stream, without a ripple on the wave. We were experiencing a downpour of blessings. Finances were coming in very much better than they had since we had moved into the new headquarters.

In April, 1955, Dr. Cooper announced that he would dictate the sixth and seventh books of the Messianic Series if he could have a quiet place where he could write uninterruptedly. He also said he could dictate the books in five weeks' time if he had such a place to work. Shortly after he had made this announcement, suddenly, like a clap from a clear sky and with lightning rapidity, Satan struck the Society with his dastardly blows. Dr. Cooper was the first one to be hit; he was rendered almost voiceless. Then his very capable secretary, Miss Annabel Crumly, who was much loved by all the staff, became ill. A few months later she passed away of cancer. Again, first one and then another of the staff members or their families, the society members, and friends of the work was smitten. The finances also slowed down to a mere trickle coinciding with Dr. Cooper's beginning the writing of the books. We called a day of fasting and prayer and, with all the earnestness of our souls, laid the matter definitely before the Lord, as we realized that Satan was determined to stop the work entirely.

Did Satan's fury and all his diabolical workings stop our Lord? Never! The Lord enabled His work to go right on. He laid it upon the hearts of two of his servants, through a mutual friend, to lend us their lovely home at Manhattan Beach for five weeks. Dr. Cooper established his office in our bedroom at the beach house and set to work with determination. I took a sunny, glassed-in porch, and Miss Fluker took the breakfast nook for her office, and we really worked. Soon after breakfast each morning at 8:00 we would read the Word of God, then earnestly beseech Him for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the dictation of the book for that day.

On sunny days I would have a hot lunch packed, and at noon we would walk down on the sand to eat. Then we would lie down a half hour in the sun to rest. After climbing the steep inclines back to the house, we would resume our work in earnest. At 3:30 P.M. I would slip upstairs into Dr. Cooper's work room and break the strain by serving tea with fruit or cookies. Then he would again resume his dictation until 6:00 P.M. Thus it was that Dr. Cooper completed the dictation of the sixth book, Messiah: His Second Coming Imminent, in two and one-half weeks.

Each Saturday we came home to carry on the Sunday services at headquarters. Miss Fluker and I would take our regular work into the office and bring back to the beach that which had accumulated for our attention.

During the latter half of our stay at the beach, Dr. Cooper worked more intensively than ever, dictating the seventh book of the Messianic Series,
Messiah: His Final Call to Israel. Two and one-half weeks later, just at noon, he came down stairs and announced triumphantly, "Finita! Now let us eat our lunch, pack up, and go home." The Lord had enabled him to finish right on time—the very last day left for us to stay at the beach. All of Satan's machinations had not deterred the dictating of the two books. "God's callings are His enablings" when His servants are found faithful. And need I tell you that God also answered prayer by laying the need upon the hearts of His faithful stewards until the funds again came in normally, as they had been doing through the years?

Through the kindness of the same friends, Dr. Cooper, Miss Fluker, and I again went to Manhattan Beach for more intensive writing the last week of April, 1956, and set up house-keeping in the same home which we had occupied in the spring of 1955. Dr. Cooper again took our bedroom upstairs for his office, as it was quieter and better adapted for his work than any other place in the house. Although for twenty years he had been doing research, studying, and writing on the fifth book of the Messianic Series, Messiah: His Historical Appearance, he changed the outline that he had used and started to write this book anew from the beginning.

I took the glassed-in porch again as my office, in which I dictated my portion of the office correspondence, and this time Miss Fluker took the living room downstairs. It made a very spacious and comfortable office in which to transcribe Dr. Cooper's dictation on the book. Here she pounded the type-writer, hour after hour, from early till late, with very few interruptions or breaks, except for lunch and, sometimes, a fifteen-minute walk.

Dr. Cooper worked much more strenuously this time than in the previous spring, studying or dictating intensively during most of his waking hours. We took very little time to go down on the sand to eat lunch or to walk along the strand. When we walked, it was only a few short blocks near the house for fresh air. Then back he would go to his dictation again. This routine continued for over three months. We came in to headquarters on week ends, of course, for Sunday services and emergencies, but we usually returned to the beach late on Sunday in order to be ready for work on Monday morning.

Realizing in July that duties at headquarters necessitated our coming home to stay, we set a certain day the latter part of the month to move back home, hoping that by then Dr. Cooper might finish dictating the manuscript of his book. As the time drew near, we endeavored to quicken our speed; but, when the day dawned, Dr. Cooper still had one more chapter to write. It was the most important portion of the manuscript, and he said he thought he should wait until he got home to his office before writing it; but every fibre of my being cried out with eagerness for him to finish the book. So I persuaded him to take a few more days to complete that remaining chapter. He said, "Mother, you are the biggest slave driver I have ever known. You will drive me into my grave." He set himself, however, once more to the task, though tired in mind and weary of body and kept on to the finish.

We had engaged a woman to clean the house on the final day of our stay, and, of course, we had to prepare things for her, and there was confusion throughout the day in cleaning, getting things in order, and packing to leave. But Dr. Cooper kept right on with his dictation, and Miss Fluker with the transcribing. They finished the chapter by the end of the day. Then with jubilant hearts we loaded our car and moved back home, praising the Lord that we had kept on until the book was at last completed in manuscript form.

This book is the climax of the Messianic Series. The four books of the Series, which have already been published and distributed in great numbers, lead up to this one. The first book,
The God of Israel, gives the facts and truths concerning the Trinity and the unity of God. The second book, Messiah: His Nature and Person, gives the truth concerning the virgin birth and the nature and person of our Lord the Messiah. The third book, Messiah: His Redemptive Career, gives the facts concerning the redemptive work that our Lord, the Messiah, came from heaven to earth to perform. The fourth book, Messiah: His First Coming Scheduled, shows by Bible chronology that Jesus of Nazareth came when the prophets foretold that He would came and thus fulfilled the prophetic Scriptures.

This fifth book,
Messiah: His Historical Appearance, gives the truths which prove that Jesus of Nazareth is Deity, the Son of God, one of the Eternal Trinity, who came into the human realm by virgin birth ("born of a woman") to obtain blood that could atone for man's sins and redeem humanity (Heb. 9:22). Without this fifth book the first four are not complete.

Years ago, a very outstandingly spiritual friend said, "If Dr. Cooper does not publish and distribute his fifth book of the Messianic Series, his work will be incomplete for time and throughout all eternity." We have always felt that this statement is true; therefore Dr. Cooper has at this time cut off his radio programs and much of his conference work in order to complete the editing of this fifth book, as well as the sixth and seventh,
Messiah: His Second Coming Imminent and Messiah: His Final Call to Israel.

Coincident with Dr. Cooper's resuming his work on the fifth book, Satan and his emissaries began bombarding the Society again. First the funds slowed down; then we had illness among our staff, financial struggles, and other serious difficulties. Our son David had also been smitten and had been ordered by the doctor to take a few weeks' rest and vacation. Satan was making his strongest effort to eliminate the staff, seemingly one by one, but we knew that he could not have the victory. He was conquered at Calvary and we are resisting him steadfastly in our faith. By trials our lives are deepened spiritually and made more useful in our Lord's service and more of a blessing to others. For the perfecting, establishing, and strengthening, God permits Satan to strike His children, with the promise that, after they have suffered a little while, He Himself will perfect, establish, and strengthen them.

Friends, do you think that God permitted Satan and his emissaries, with all their furious attacks and hindrances, to stop His work which he has entrusted to us of giving the Word to Israel and the Gentiles? No, never! Satan can do his worst and can use saint and sinner alike to carry out his diabolical schemes, but God keeps His Word and works out everything for good (Rom. 8:28) and causes His work to go right on. Has He not said, "Blessed are ye when men shall reproach you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake" (Matt. 5:11)? When Satan strikes you, as he has all your brethren in the world, remember that you are to resist him steadfastly in your faith, and he will flee from you.

In Dr. Cooper's editorial,
"God's Recipe for a Fruitful Life," published in the November, 1956, Biblical Research Monthly, he wrote: "Satan has a thoroughly organized government which is in opposition to all that is good, true, and noble. He has his united hosts assembled against everyone who endeavors to do the will of God. But we need only put on the complete armor of God to withstand the wiles of Satan. Our armor, however, must be complete; the least break in it makes us vulnerable. The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, is our weapon whereby we can, through God's grace, fend off the satanic attacks. Satan is a personal, mighty, cunning being, ever on the alert to ensnare man; but God, not Satan, is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Clothed in the armor of God and ever alert, through His grace, we need not fear. Overconfidence in oneself is common and leads to defeat; overconfidence in God is impossible. He extends infinitely beyond all confidence."