A Modern Gideon and Mrs. Gideon
By Mrs. David L. Cooper
Installment 18

"… Every Man Whose Heart Maketh Him Willing" (Ex. 25:2)

ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL THINGS to us about the work of the Biblical Research Society has been the way that the Lord has raised up, throughout the country, competent, faithful, self-sacrificing branch workers to help in the distribution of the Society's literature. The coming into existence and the functioning of these various groups would make a thrilling story of God's providence and of His continuous watchful care over this work. He has raised up new workers and new groups from time to time and thus has kept the books going out. The flow has never ceased since the Society began its work over twenty-five years ago. It was stopped in certain foreign territory as a result of World War II, but now some of the foreign work has started again and interest is increasing. The work in Canada and the United States, however, has gone on without intermission.

Here, all over the U.S.A., and in Toronto, we have files which contain the names and addresses of hundreds of thousands of persons who have been given the books of the Messianic Series. Most of these have received three or four books of the Series.

When one thinks of what has been accomplished in the United States alone in the matter of book distribution and then adds to that the distribution done by the branches in Canada and in other foreign lands, the result is staggering! But "He harvests big who sows big!" And we believe that eternity will reveal untold millions of rescued souls as a result of the faithful, self-sacrificing labors of these various groups and individual workers.

"They shall still bring forth fruit in old age" (Ps. 92:14)

We wish we had use of the mysterious power of television, so that we could draw aside the curtain and let you see the entire Biblical Research Society at work—at home and abroad: in the United States and Canada; in India, Africa, and South America; in France, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the State of Israel; in Egypt, Australia, and the islands of the sea. We cannot televise our work, but we can give you little glimpses here and there behind the scenes—bits of information which will give you cause to rejoice with us at the wonderful way in which God answers prayer and uses the most unexpected individuals and means to speed the giving of God's Word to Israel and to other nations.

God has graciously answered our petitions and given a great number of volunteer helpers. In the business world the accent is on youth. Very often the experienced, wise, older person is passed by. But in the Lord's service some of the most effective workers have left their youth far behind. The saint who has walked long with the Lord has acquired a depth of wisdom, experience, and a far-reaching vision that enables him to render a type of service of which a younger person is not yet capable. Such a believer's life is a continual benediction. Praise God, many of these are laboring to give the truth not only to Israel but to many other nations as well. The need for such volunteers is continuous.

At the Society's headquarters in Toronto, Canada, we have just such saints of the Lord, precious in His sight. They move quietly and unobtrusively among the younger workers, turning out an amazing amount of work. One of these elderly saints is past eighty years of age, and another one past eighty-five. Theirs is a joyous spirit that is the very essence of youth. On numerous occasions the Toronto Headquarters becomes a beehive of activity, buzzing with volunteers: assembling, typing, stuffing envelopes; wrapping, tying packages; pasting labels; and doing all the countless tasks that would otherwise fall to the lot of the secretary—dear Mrs. Hamilton, who is elderly and overburdened with Society work. How I wish all of you could look in on that group and watch them at work. A number of those who freely serve in this group and in many other branch groups are on the sunset side of life. In the natural course of events they would have retired from active work, and many of them with good reason, for some are handicapped by some physical ailment and are far from strong. But there is no dampening the spirits or slowing down the hands of these busy groups, for they are not working for the Biblical Research Society but for our blessed Lord and Saviour and for the salvation of souls. It is to the Lord that they look for remuneration; and what a rich reward will be awaiting them in eternity! Their faithfulness through these twenty-five years has been a constant inspiration to us and to the younger helpers in the work.

Here at our headquarters in Los Angeles, as well as in many branch groups, some of God's choicest elderly saints have worked day after day, week after week, in helping get the books out to hungry hearts all over the world. We have no words sufficient to express our gratitude to all our faithful volunteer workers—old and young, in this country and in foreign lands. God has sent them, and He will reward them for their labors. Only eternity will tell all they have accomplished. I am proud to be numbered among this large group of volunteers, whose reward is sure and eternal.

"He wakeneth morning by morning, he awakeneth mine ear" (Isa. 50:4)

How well do I remember in the early years of the work when God awakened me every morning for one week, giving me the solutions of the problems in the office.

Dr. Cooper had just left on his summer Bible Conference tour. A week later our newly appointed business manager took a more remunerative position elsewhere. David, Jr. was in Hillcrest Sanitarium; so I did not have his usual assistance. Only Miss Fluker, our branch secretary and the secretary who took dictation on Dr. Cooper's books were left to help me carry on the all-important work of the office.

The business manager had instituted a new filing system, and he left us in the middle of the process of changing our files from the old system to the new. All was confusion. Everything was dark as midnight to me, for none of us knew anything about this new system that he had inaugurated. The day he left we cried out mightily to God to help us. At five the next morning the Lord made clear to me the solution of the problem of working the new card file system. For weeks the business manager had had Miss Fluker on the task of changing the card file system, hampering her usual work. I saw that she was breaking under this extra heavy load and that something must be done to relieve her. The Lord had showed me just how to work the new system and also that I should have Dr. Cooper's secretary work on the files.

I arose at once; and as soon as I could, before the children were up, I went down to the office, in the lower flat of our home, and drew a sketch of just how the Lord showed me the new system should work. When Dr. Cooper's secretary came I showed her the sketch, and she saw at once that God had really given the solution to me.

She said, "Mrs. Cooper, I can see that that will enable you to work the new system."

I replied, "Fine. I want you to drop everything and do nothing else until you have completely changed the card file into the new system."

She threw up her hands and said, "No, I don't want to work with that file. It is in too big a mess."

Then Miss Fluker spoke up and said she did not want to leave the card file until she had completed the changing from the old system to the new. Knowing, however, that the Lord had shown me that I should have the other secretary work on finishing the transferring of the cards, I said to her, "No, you will do nothing else from this day forward until these files are in perfect order according to the way the Lord has shown me."

The two accepted the fact that God had shown me what to do and set themselves to carry out my instructions. Within two weeks the secretary had completed the work on the files and had everything working perfectly.

Again the following morning at five I was given the solution to other problems in the office. Each morning that week the Lord showed me how to manage the special difficulties that arose with regard to the work. I shall, however, recount only one other.

Dr. Cooper wrote me that he wanted to have folders printed announcing two of his main conferences. Up to that time I had never planned such a conference folder, and I did not know how to proceed. Again I brought my problem to the Lord, and there came into my mind the scripture, "But if any of you lacketh wisdom, let him ask of God ... and it shall be given him" (James 1:5). I asked, and early the next morning I received the answer. Before I was yet awake I saw the conference folder, which Dr. Cooper had asked me to make, in its entirety—the pictures, the program, and everything complete. I immediately arose and went down to the office and drew a complete lay-out, just as I had seen it. Later that morning I called the printer and had him come over and give me an estimate on the cost of printing. I wrote Dr. Cooper to send me quickly his subjects and his daily schedule for each of these two conferences. We had this information for both conferences printed in one program and mailed out about 15,000 copies. Dr. Cooper had unusually large audiences at each of these meetings.

Many times when Dr. Cooper is away and problems arise which we feel that we cannot solve, "I know him whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that he is able ..." We have but to call unto Him, and He enables us to do what we have to do.