A Modern Gideon and Mrs. Gideon
By Mrs. David L. Cooper
Installment 15

A Man of Macedonia ... Saying,
Come Over Into Macedonia, And Help Us (Acts 16:9)

In January, 1949, Dr. Cooper received his first call to come to the State of Israel and teach God's Word there. The call was repeated again and again.

Here are some instances of the call:

"If you, Dr. Cooper, could take one of those big planes from America and land in Israel, you would experience what we have—a time for the Jews which will never happen in history for Israel again. One feels humiliated at the privilege of being trusted by this superb race. Such fine young people you can find nowhere else. Truly this country has the Jews it deserves."

Another person wrote:
"Today one and all (the Jews) are aware of God's miraculous intervention during the Arab-Jewish war. How we earnestly wished that you, Dr. Cooper, could have been with us in Tel Aviv. The opportunities are unprecedented. "With your Hebrew and knowledge of the finest detail of their Scriptures you could get wonderful audiences and ones who desire to listen ..."

And from another letter:
"We can travel up and down the length and breadth of Israel in perfect safety and ease. The seething mass of people in the towns makes one realize just how few have heard God's Word. Everybody one meets (for they are an exceptionally intellectual race) can discuss and enter into the talks. I was sitting in the drawing room of one of the leading ministers of Israel in Tel Aviv, and the British Ambassador's wife walked in. We were talking almost immediately about world conditions, about Israel, and then on to prophecy. And now they listen, but they need the Hebrew scholars, who are Christians.

"To the mayor of two towns we were given openings in luncheon conversations to place the truth before them. They are never offhand, or rude, like other people, but listen. 'By my Spirit ...' saith the Lord, and if one claims the power of the Spirit when talking to them the 'Word' goes home. Israel is pathetic in its urgent need. One's heart aches ...

"Anyway, God in His miraculous way stopped the devil's way, and Jews today admit that now they cannot reckon without the God of Israel! Most of their routes and battles were planned on Joshua's battles and routes. They tell you that themselves ...

"... Actually the majority of the Jews are aware of the significance of the times and if someone such as you, Dr. Cooper, (complete with your knowledge of Hebrew and the Bible) could fly to Tel Aviv and start up a series of Bible studies, it would make a great impression ...

"It is a great and wonderful privilege, unequalled in the world today, and to have been in Israel through all this. We both feel that whoever misses this crest of the wave before the Lord's return has missed the crowning privilege in his life, and contact with the only race upon this earth which God has called 'my people.'

"So we look not at the material wealth of Israel, but at its urgent spiritual need. 'Strike while the iron is hot!'

"P.S. If anything like a visit did materialize to Israel the settlements would be the places to teach."

The last urgent call came in August 1949. It was so appealing that I took it to the prayer group for prayer. We asked the Lord to show us very definitely whether or not He was calling Dr. Cooper to fly to the Holy Land. We prayed, "Lord, if Thou art not calling him, block the way so that he cannot go. Block it so tightly that man or Satan could not open the way for him. But if Thou art calling him, open the way so wide that man or Satan cannot close it, and give him the ticket in such an unmistakable manner that no one can possibly doubt that the calls were from Thee."

You can see from the following letter which my husband wrote me from Dallas, Texas, while he was yet away in Bible conference that God did answer prayer just as definitely as we prayed, by supplying Dr. Cooper with a ticket to Israel from an unknown source. We are still wondering which of God's servants He could have used to make this trip possible. Here is the letter that I received from Dr. Cooper:

"Dear Lita,
"Just a few minutes after seven o'clock on October 22 Brother Kahle came to my room here in Dallas to take me to the church, and he brought a letter which he had received and which came air-mail and registered. It was the surprise of my life. When I opened it, I was dazed, for I could hardly take it in. It was from Trans-World Airline, whose offices are at 540 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles. I will give it to you in part—that section which will give you the heart of the message.

'Dr. David L, Cooper October 20, 1949
c/o Reverend R. F. Kahle
5519 Alta Avenue
Dallas 6, Texas

Dear Dr. Cooper:
'Friends requesting their identity to be unknown have deposited with this office funds for round trip transportation for you to Lydda, Israel.
'Enclosed is ticket No. 152-350356 covering round trip transportation for you from New York to Lydda, Israel, via Trans-World Airline, together with a cashier's check in the amount of $195.60.
'At the present time we have 3 nights a week from New York to Lydda. The flight time is approximately 36 hours.

Very truly yours,
/s/ Charles B. Edmonds'

"Below is a copy of the original letter which these unknown friends requested that the airline office forward to me:
October 18, 1949

'Dear Dr. Cooper:
'Knowing of your call to minister to Israel in the Word of God, and having heard your messages on the radio, we who have the spiritual life of Israel at heart feel called upon at this time to help make ways for you, God's ambassador, to carry His message to His chosen covenant people, in their land.
'From what we hear, the field is ripening for harvest time. We've learned of the urgent call from Palestine to "come over and help us." In the judgment of those who have been over the field and investigated the whole situation since Israel became a state, the time is ripe for their hearing the truth of God's Word.
'After hearing all we have of you we realize you are equipped of the Lord to fulfill this mission—gathering the harvest—or, should it be, sowing the seed, or both? And we are doing what God has laid on our hearts to do, being "helpers together."
'Enclosed find Trans-World Airline round trip ticket from New York to Lydda, Israel, together with cashier's check in the amount of $195.60 which will cover cost of transportation from Los Angeles to New York and return.
'We hope you will be able to make the trip as soon as possible.
"The King's business requireth haste." Souls are hungry and waiting.

Sincerely, for His will,
Friends of Israel

"Dear, it seems evident that the Lord is in this matter. It seems that it is similar to our being called by the Lord from Chicago to Los Angeles back in 1926. Had I chosen this whole affair, I would not have selected this time. I have many things that I want to do for the Master. But it seems plain that this is a Macedonian call, through these friends to go to Israel. I do not want to be like Jonah and flee in the opposite direction. This situation is a serious matter. I want to be in the center of God's holy directive will in this whole affair.

"As I think of the great responsibility, I feel utterly helpless. At the same time I should feel that my sufficiency is of God who has evidently given the call. He who has called is also able to make me sufficient as a minister of the new covenant to give forth His Word to those who are hungering for it.

With love,
/s/ David
(Dr. David L. Cooper)"

On December 18, 1949 (during the time when we were waiting for the Lord to send in the funds to build the new Headquarters), Dr. Cooper boarded a trans-world airplane for Israel and arrived at Lydda Air Port, December 20, 1949. He remained in Israel seventy days, going up and down the land, speaking and teaching as God gave him liberty. He had marvelous, glorious opportunities, especially the last thirty days. In fact, the opportunities that God gave him there are far too numerous to permit my telling them here.