A Modern Gideon and Mrs. Gideon
By Mrs. David L. Cooper
Installment 11

God's Miracle Of Grace Enabling The Biblical Research Society To Place
The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated
Into The Hands Of Outstanding Leaders

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee" (Jer. 33:3a)

THE LORD NOT ONLY LED Dr. Cooper to prepare the volume The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated, but also definitely laid upon his heart to give copies to some of the world's outstanding leaders who were being used to make current history. Dr. Cooper desired these leaders to have this book in order that they might know Israel's place in God's plan, realizing that, if they were to make a peace that would last for any length of time, they must follow God's revealed plan. He made every effort, therefore, to get this book into the hands of the King of England, Prime Minister Churchill, our own President, General Douglas Mac-Arthur, Sir Anthony Eden, and a few other men in important positions of government.

Friends supplied the funds to bind the copies in royal English blue morocco leather in order that the King and the President and these others might be sufficiently impressed with this book at least, to scan through it. They were beautifully bound and embossed in gold letters with the names of these different leaders. That part was easy. But actually to get them into the hands of even the President of the United States, much less those men in foreign lands, was indeed a difficult task. The books could not influence these men to make history according to God's plan of the eternal ages and His plan for Israel unless the men actually received and read them. To keep the books from stopping in the hands of the secretaries took much preparation and definite waiting upon God to clear the way. Finally the Lord enabled us to get a copy to our President, Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Ex-President Hoover, and one or two other leaders in the United States.

Then we set about trying to send these beautifully bound books to the King of England, Right Honorable Winston Churchill, and to Right Honorable Anthony Eden. That was altogether a different task. First of all, the post office would not accept the books as they were 18 x 11 inches, too large to go through the mail. We were completely stopped. I took the problem to our prayer group and said, "Well, we are blocked, but the Lord is not blocked. He is still able. We shall just have to depend upon Him." We prayed several weeks.

Then one day while Dr. Cooper and I were sitting on the platform in the Church of the Open Door with a group of missionaries, the Lord seemed to say to me that one of them, Mrs. Charles Cowman of the Oriental Missionary Society, who, I knew, had had a personal interview with the King of England, would be able to get the book to him. At the close of the meeting I dashed over to her and said, "The Lord told me that you can do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves. Will you do it?" She immediately said, "I will. What is it?"

Then I told her about the beautiful books, bound in royal blue morocco leather with the names in gold letters on them for King George of England, Prime Minister Churchill, and Right Honorable Anthony Eden. I told her that the post office had refused to take these books because of their size, and I asked her if she could see to it that they were delivered to these Leaders.

"Yes, I can," she quickly replied. "If you will give them to me tonight, I can do it. If you give them to me later, I cannot. I am in touch with Lady Halifax [the wife of the English ambassador], and she is in Washington, D.C. She is going directly back to England, and I will ask her to take the books to them. But you must be certain to get the books to me tonight, or it will be too late."

Well, my heart overflowed with joy, realizing that God had undertaken in answer to prayer. I was so thrilled that I could have fairly shouted right there on the platform of our church. Needless to say, we took the books to her that very evening, together with one for the Ambassador, Lord Halifax. God always makes a way for His orders to be carried out. His orderings are His enablings.

When these four books had been safely delivered, we had only one remaining to be sent—the one for General Douglas MacArthur. We were completely hindered, for it was impossible to send the book through the mail to him in Australia, and we had had word from Washington D.C., that nothing could be sent to him. Again we took the problem to the prayer group, and we told the Lord we were completely blocked. We believed that He had directed us to send the book; therefore we committed it back to Him to get the book to General MacArthur, as we had no human way of doing it.

A few days later our friend Mrs. George French, in Palm Springs, California, invited us to her cottage for a week-end. Dr. Cooper was too busy really to take a week-end vacation, and we felt we should not go. But another friend, the wife of General Galla Paxton, who was at that time staying in Palm Springs, telephoned us to be certain to come, as they wanted Dr. Cooper to teach a Bible class. The invitation was so very urgent that we felt it must be of the Lord, and we went. During our visit, a colonel of the Air Force Base came to bid farewell to the General and his family. Mrs. Paxton showed the Colonel her copy of The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated, and told him that Dr. Cooper had one beautifully bound in leather with the name of General Douglas MacArthur engraved on the cover in gold, but that it was impossible for us to get it to him. The Colonel immediately said to us, "Send the book to me. I will send it with the next ferry command going to Australia, and within a few days it will reach General MacArthur."

I said, "Now I know why the Lord brought us out here for the week-end. It was to get the book to General MacArthur." We felt that it was necessary for him, too, as the Chief General of the Army in the Far East to know God's eternal plan of the ages and His plan for Israel.

The following morning we returned home, as the Colonel stated we must put the book in the mail to him that day or it would be too late for him to send it along with the ferry command. We sent the book for General MacArthur and also one for the Colonel, in order that he might know just what he was sending to General MacArthur.

Again our blessed Lord had heard and answered prayer in a miraculous way, for, if we had not gone that week-end, we could not have seen the Colonel, as General Paxton and his division were sent overseas before the next week-end. Again our Lord had planned and made everything fit to accomplish His purpose.

A Jewish Tailor Seeking the Light
"Seek, and ye shall find" (Matt. 7:7)

One day I gave a Jewish tailor Dr. Cooper's book Prophetic Fulfillments in Palestine Today. He read it that night. The next morning he telephoned and asked me if I would let him have a dozen of the books. He said he liked it so well that he wanted to give it to some of his friends. I took the dozen to him. Later he told me how very much some of his friends were enjoying them. Then I gave him Dr. Cooper's book The Eternal God Revealing Himself to suffering Israel and to Lost Humanity. When he had finished reading it, he desired to have still another book.

When my daughter had him make her a coat, he made a lovely purse to match it. Then he called up and stated that he had made her a purse and asked whether it would be convenient for us to have him bring it over. I knew that the purse was only a way to get over for another book. When he arrived and showed my daughter the purse, we were so elated over it that I forgot about the book. He continued to stay and stay, until my daughter finally said, "Oh, it is now 9:00 o'clock. Won't your wife be waiting for you?"

He hastily said, "Oh, now! She'll see me when I come. I'm in no hurry."

Then I remembered the book and said to him, "Did you finish the book I gave you?"

"Oh, yes," he said, "I have it in the car. I will get it if you want me to."

I knew that he wanted to keep the book or he would have brought it in with him in the first place. He was just hoping that I would say he could keep it. I said to him, "Would you like to keep it and lend it to some of your friends?"

"Oh yes," he said, "I would be delighted."

Then I said to him, "Would you like another book?"

My daughter interrupted here, saying, "Mother will keep you reading all the time, if you listen to her."

He said, "Oh, now, now! I love to read. Mrs. Cooper, please get me the book." He motioned my daughter to keep quiet. Then I gave him Messiah: His Redemptive Career.

When he had completed that one, he cleverly arranged some samples of cloth and brought them over to me. I sensed immediately that to bring the samples was a clever way of getting to come to our home again, that it was really another book he wanted. I brought him into the office where Dr. Cooper was and handed him one of the books which had a good bit of chronology in it. He immediately said that chronology was what thrilled him. He was deeply interested in it. I said, "When you have finished the last book I gave you, I will let you have this one."

Whereupon he replied, "Oh, I have already finished it. I would be so happy to have this one."

At that moment Dr. Cooper interposed and said, "Oh, I am sorry, but that is the only copy we have in the office, and I could not let it go. I will order you one from the press."

Our friend said, "Oh, now, Dr. Cooper please let me have this one. You order yourself one. I'm on my vacation and I have two weeks that I can spend in reading it, and I will bring it back when I have finished reading it. Please! Mrs. Cooper said I could have it." He put it in his arms with both hands over it and started walking out of the office at once. Seeing how greatly the book was desired, Dr. Cooper told him he could have it. When he had completed reading this book, Messiah: His First Coming Scheduled, he brought it back to our home.

He then requested that I let him have The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated. He is still studying that book, and I know he is earnestly seeking the truth. I am going to give him next a copy of What Men Must Believe, or God's Gracious Provision for Man, and I feel confident that the questions that are still unanswered in his mind will be solved in his reading of this book. I feel certain that he will see the light, for did our Lord not say, "Seek and ye shall find"? And he is surely seeking.

Thousands are honestly seeking the truth concerning whether or not the Lord Jesus of Nazareth was and is the Messiah. This book, What Men Must Believe, or God's Gracious Provision for Man, will give them light.

Excerpts of a Letter From a Christian Organization in Bialystok, Poland
"Those that seek me diligently shall find me" (Prov. 8:17)

Here is an account of another touching episode which happened in Poland before the war, written to us by a worker there:

"We sent the booklet The God of Israel, written by Dr. Cooper, to a rabbi in a town near Pinsk. When this rabbi received this booklet and looked through it, several Jews were present in the room. He tore the booklet and threw it into the fire. "His nephew, a young man of twenty years, noticed it and became very curious to know what his uncle had received by mail and why he had thrown it into the fire. He used a moment when his uncle was talking to the Jews present and took the booklet out of the fire. He succeeded in saving only a part of it. He looked at it and was astonished. He saw that it spoke of God and Messiah, and consequently was a religious booklet. He could not understand why his uncle, the rabbi, had thrown a religious booklet away.

"Without telling his uncle that he had the part of the booklet which he had managed to save from the fire, he asked his uncle when the company had left what book it was that he had thrown into the fire. But the rabbi was angry and gave him no explanation. Unfortunately the title and end pages of the booklet were burned; so neither the title nor the address could be ascertained. His interest deepened by the moment, and the thought came to him to ask the postman who delivered the package if he knew who had sent it.

"The postman could not remember where the package came from, but believed that there was something about Bialystok on it, and he said that the Roman Catholic priest of the village might know more about that than he.

"On the same evening the young man went eagerly to the Roman Catholic priest and asked whether he knew the address of an organization which sent out literature. Since the priest did not understand, the young man told him the story and showed him the saved part of the book.

"The priest became interested and said that it could only be from the Bialystok Literature House which sent, he thought, books to the people to explain to them the true way to God. It is difficult to describe how very deeply interested the young man was. He told himself he must find the truth, and he came to Bialystok and told us the whole story. We told him more about the truth, gave him a New Testament and other books, and he went joyously back home."