A Modern Gideon and Mrs. Gideon
By Mrs. David L. Cooper
(Installment 9)

"Stand Still And See The Salvation Of Jehovah" (Ex. 4:13)

AT NUMEROUS TIMES through the years the Lord has called upon us to stand upon His promise in Matthew 6:33,34: "But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Be not therefore anxious for the morrow: for the morrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

The Palestinian Biblical Institute party obtained return passage from England, third class, on the Queen Mary. We arrived in New York the last of May 1939 and went our various ways, thankful to our heavenly Father that He had permitted us to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience, which still lives in our hearts.

The next year the Palestinian Biblical Institute held a reunion in Kansas City in a week's prophetic conference, with Rev. and Mrs. R. Fuller Jaudon, members of the party, as hostesses. Again the students heard Dr. Cooper unfold precious truths from the Word of God. We had a glorious reunion and a never-to-be-forgotten week.

In 1941 our two girls and I accompanied Dr. Cooper on his Bible conference tour. It was then that the Lord again called upon us to stand on the promise in Matthew and trust Him completely.

While we were at Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, in a Bible conference, we received word that Dr. Cooper's next conference had been cancelled. Just prior to this time, we had learned that his sister and her husband had been seriously hurt in an automobile accident, and that she was in a hospital thirty miles from her home. Now we had intended going to Pittsburgh for a week's conference and then down into Virginia to spend a week with this sister and have a little rest.

At the close of the Elizabethtown Conference, we suddenly realized that we had two weeks open with nothing to do and no place to go. There were Dr. Cooper, one of our former field conference speakers, my two daughters, and I. To go to an auto camp or a hotel and rest for two weeks was financially impossible. We discussed our situation with the conference speaker. The next two weeks looked perfectly black; there was no light at all. We could not pay a hotel bill for five; neither could we evaporate. Our conference speaker was greatly perturbed, but the Lord had given us a quiet peace in our hearts. We assured him that there was nothing to fear, that we had stood for more than thirty years on the promise, "Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you," and the Lord had never one time failed; we knew He would not fail us this time. We realized that this situation was among the "all things," that God could and would work out for good. Dr. Cooper and I decided to pray and trust and do nothing ourselves, except to wait and watch the Lord solve our problem. We agreed to accept with thanksgiving whatsoever He was pleased to work out for us. Need I say that He beautifully undertook for all of us?

First, Dr. Cooper and the conference speaker were asked to hold a week's conference in the bandstand of the park. Friends graciously entertained them in their homes. Then a lovely lady and her father invited my two daughters and me to spend a few days with them in their nineteen-room stone mansion that had been in the family over one hundred years, and that is located on one of Pennsylvania's beautiful farms—a soy bean farm. This provision gave us the much needed rest. Dr. Cooper decided that if the Lord did not open another door for him to speak, we would go the following week down to Virginia and see his sister in the hospital. When it became definite to us that it was the Lord's will that we go to visit his sister, our conference speaker became much more perturbed about what was to become of him. Dr. Cooper assured him there was no cause for worry: "For," he said, "I have made arrangements for you to speak at a conference down in Virginia next week." However, no word had come confirming these arrangements. To our friend, the testing period was indeed painful. I said to him, "You have no need to worry, because if you do not hear from this conference, you can go into the country and stay where we stayed." (Our friends on the farm had extended an invitation to him for that week.) I said, "Don't worry. The Lord is never behind time, and He does not have to be ahead of time. He is always on time." The day came for us to leave for Virginia. We took our friend into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where we were to separate. We had not yet had word confirming the conference where he was to speak. The Lord tested his faith and did not give him word until within one hour of the time that we left him. When we got the mail in Harrisburg, at our Head Distributing Branch, surely enough, the Lord had beautifully provided a conference for him during the coming week. When I reminded him, that the Lord's provision had been on time, he remarked, "This is not too short a time for the Lord, but it is too close for me."

Then we started on our way, supposing that Dr. Cooper's sister was still in the hospital. We went trusting the Lord to provide for the remainder of the week after seeing His sister. But upon arriving, we found that she had returned home the night before. Also, in the middle of the night her son, her sister, and their families had come up from Nashville, bringing a cook with them. We arrived early the next morning. The Lord had timed everything and made it all fit together perfectly, providing us a precious week with our relatives at the home of Dr. Cooper's sister. We were indeed thankful, but not surprised, for had not the Lord said that for those who love Him He would work everything together for good?

"...The Fiery Trial ... Which Cometh Upon You To prove You ..." (I Per. 4:12)

From there we went to another conference. As we drove into the grounds, we were handed a telegram containing bad news for me. The message stated that my brother and his wife had been in a horrible automobile wreck, that she was killed, and that my brother was seriously injured and in the hospital. Well, I must say that at this time my strength was about to give away. I was in a daze—and my body ill. According to James 5:14-16 I asked to be anointed for hemorrhaging ulcer. God was pleased to hear and answer the prayers of those who prayed for me, and I was healed of that ulcer which had hemorrhaged badly many times before, almost claiming my life. I have been much stronger since then—stronger than I have been in many years, for which I indeed thank and praise God and bless His holy name, realizing that the prayer of these righteous ministers, who prayed for me, has availed much in its workings, enabling me to resume my strenuous duties full time in the office as well as in the home.

The Lord's Guiding Hand in Preparation of the Book,
"The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated"

One of the miracles of God's grace and demonstration of His guidance was in connection with the production of Dr. Cooper's book, The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated.

I wish I had the ability to put into words the effect that the quick development of this book has had upon all of us who shared in its preparation for the press. We realized that here was an evidence of the mighty working of God right before our eyes.

In the first place, it was not Dr. Cooper's intention to write such a book. When he returned from his conference tour his consuming desire was to plunge deeply into the work of the fifth book of the Messianic Series (
Messiah: His Historical Appearance). He was determined to spend all the time and energy possible on that work. He set at the task with a will and for weeks allowed nothing to hinder his work on the fifth book. Then it came about that sometimes, when he was deepest in thought and study on this work, there would flash into his mind an idea of how he could present to Christians some of the profoundest truths by means of a diagram. Momentarily stopping his research he would sketch on paper the thought which the Lord had given him. From that diagram he would work out a chart. Some of these charts were used in the Biblical Research Monthly from time to time. On one occasion, when he was teaching a weekly Bible class in Los Angeles, there came to him a new chart; he paused and said, "The Lord has given me another chart!'' Upon his return home, he outlined it. On another occasion, when he was in the yard, watering the lawn, he hurried into the house and said to me, "The Lord has flashed into my mind two new charts." Again he took his pencil and graphed the truths which he had just received. At still another time, while reading the Bible during family devotions, he had a similar experience. Often, while bringing the morning Bible lesson to the office staff, some thought would come to him, and he would state that he had a new chart. Later he would come out of his study with his original sketch.

Since the charts were coming to him so fast that they were taking all the spare time of the four volunteer draftsmen and his secretary to draw them, we were convinced that God's hand was in this work; then it was that I felt led to suggest that Dr. Cooper incorporate these charts into a book, rather than simply print them in the magazine from month to month. Acting upon this suggestion, he wrote his publishers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, requesting a tentative estimate of the cost. As he saw that God was definitely leading in the matter, he then turned from his research on the fifth book to concentrate on the chart book, entitling it
The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated. I believe that all who receive a copy of this chart book and really study it, will say, "Truly it is of the Lord, and it is marvelous in our eyes."

The prayer group—which meets each Tuesday—continued to pray that the Lord would give Dr. Cooper wisdom and guide him in the matter of selecting just those fundamental truths which needed to be brought to the people. Many times he testified to the spiritual illumination which he had received that very day in answer to our prayers.

The very fact that Dr. Cooper was enabled to write this book—with the help of his faithful secretaries and four volunteer draftsmen—in the short period of only four months, when ordinarily it would have taken at least two full years to achieve the same result, is a modem miracle in itself. Editing and writing articles for the Biblical Research Monthly, looking after this world-wide distribution work, filling speaking engagements, and holding conferences constitute a full-sized job. To carry on all this work and, in addition, to write this book as he did would have been an impossibility without the definite help of the Lord.

We were amazed most of all by the way which the Lord overruled in the finishing of the book. In the early spring when Dr. Cooper made arrangements for the summer conferences, we had no thought that he would be needed at the press to supervise the final editing and proofreading of the book. None of us realized that this supervision was essential, but our blessed Lord did.

To synchronize the work at the home office to fit the time for the paging of the book at the press together with Dr. Cooper's prearranged conferences in the Harrisburg area would have seemed impossible to us. But without any such planning or thought on our part, God made all things fit together into a perfect pattern. The Lord speeded to completion the work at the home office of making up each page of the book as a sample copy for the printer. He also providentially guided so that Dr. Cooper was holding conferences within twenty to thirty-five miles of the press at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at the time that he was needed there for the final proofreading of the book.

We were humbled in deep gratitude to the Lord when we realized that He had so wonderfully overruled and accomplished for us what we could not possibly have done by our own planning.

The writing and publishing of this book were a constant manifestation to us of how our Lord works when His servants are yielded to His will and open to His guidance. It is our prayer that this chart book may continue to have a wide distribution. Nothing would delight our hearts more than to be able to give it as freely as we have given other books: but we cannot use the money donated for the publication of literature for the unsaved to publish The World's Greatest Library Graphically Illustrated to aid Christians. We must finance it from its sale. We do trust, however, that friends will place it in the public libraries, in Bible school and college libraries, and in other strategic place. Have you placed copies in the libraries of your town?