Having returned from the Holy Land in the summer of 1939 and having studied in a special manner the prophecies relating to the end time, I wrote the present volume, which issued from the press in 1940.

These facts must be borne constantly in mind because the book was written from the standpoint of conditions in the Holy Land in 1940. Since then many and stupendous changes have taken place in the land. Progress and development are moving with incredible speed. This year, 1958, the State of Israel is celebrating its tenth anniversary of independence and statehood.

Though the outlook of this book is from the standpoint of 1940, the exposition of the Word contained therein is as fresh and new as if it were written in 1958. My studies during these eighteen intervening years have only confirmed the interpretation of the Scriptures as given in the first edition. There is, however only one point to which I wish to call special attention now. While I have always recognized that there are two invasions of Palestine mentioned in Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39, I did not make this point stand out as boldly as the facts now demand. In Ezekiel 38:1-39:16 is a prophecy of an invasion of the land of Israel by Russia and her associates, which occurs before the Tribulation. In Ezekiel 39:17-29 is another prophecy regarding the invasion of Palestine by the armies of the world, which, as we know from related passages, will occur at the end of the Tribulation. Also in these verses are flashes of glory of the reign of Messiah, which He establishes upon His coming to earth at the end of the tribulation.

David L. Cooper

Los Angeles, California
August 1958


This volume first appeared in February 1940. The large edition published has been completely exhausted. There is still a greater demand for this message than ever before since people are realizing more and more than ever the great importance of this particular prophecy. Thousands of people have read this volume. Book reviews have come from different portions of the world. I have received scores of letters from ministers and bible teachers regarding it. I am glad to report that with one or two exceptions the reception accorded its message has been most gracious and gratifying.

I have studied this subject more than ever during the last three years. Many things have transpired during this period. At this writing I do not have to change any of the positions taken. This fact is due to my refusal to set dates and make out human schedules. On the contrary I have endeavored to expound the Word - just as it is.

In this new edition I have added a fifth chapter which contains a chart showing the unfolding of the ages from the birth of Christ to eternity. Graphically the position, in point of time of the fulfillment of this position, is clearly seen. This new material makes its distinctive contribution. May God use this small volume in bringing a blessing to many thousands of His people.

David L. Cooper

April 15, 1943


The proper understanding of the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is essential to the correct approach in studying the predictions relating to the end time. Since prophetic students are directing their attention in an especial manner to this marvelous prediction, I felt led of the Lord to write this small volume in an attempt to expound the truths of this startling oracle.

These are great and momentous days. Epochal events are occurring. The international stage is constantly being reset. People are asking what may we expect next. The answer is to be found in the prophetic word alone, to which we shall do well to take heed as to a light shining in a dark place until the day dawn (II Pet. 1:19).

Since all students have their own special and peculiar approach to any subject, naturally differences arise in their interpretation of the Prophetic word. This fact should not discourage anyone in his effort to learn what God says relative to the future.

Let each one of us be considerate of those who differ from us, granting to the other that which we ask for ourselves; namely, that we desire the truth and nothing but the truth.

May the Lord use this small volume to the blessing of many souls is my sincere prayer.

Los Angeles, California
February 15, 1940