(Continued: Part 3)

    1. The seventh law of interpretation is the LAW OF PARANOMASIA or A PLAY ON WORDS.

      1. Paronomasia consists of our laying down beside one word or idea that has been used a similar one with a little variation.

      2. The following are example of paronomasia:

        1. In Amos 8:1,2 there is a play on the Hebrew word "kayits" (translated "summer fruit") and "kets" (translated "the end"). The radicals of each word are the same, with the exception of the "y."

        2. In Micah 2:1-3 there is a play upon the word "evil."

        3. Daniel 9:24 has a play upon the words "seventy sevens."
        4. There is a play upon ideas in Daniel 11:36ff —"the desire of women" (Messiah God in human flesh), vs. 37; and the "god of fortresses" (military power pictured as idol), vs. 38.

      3. Exercises: Find the paronomasia in the following passages:

        1. Isaiah 28:1-8;

        2. John 3:5;

        3. John 6:28,29.

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