Part Two


In order to understand the Scriptures one must know the use of language: the grammar, the specific meaning of words, and the fundamental laws of speech especially the principles which are characteristic of the Scriptures.

  1. A knowledge of the use of language is important because:

    1. Intelligible language expresses a logical process of the mind.

    2. There are certain definite fixed laws of the mind according to which all normal persons think and act.

      1. Laws of observation

      2. Laws of deduction

      3. Laws of inspiration etc.

    3. Language either written or spoken is governed by definite specific laws that are just as real as the laws governing physical matter.

      1. (for example) Laws governing the uses of metals, and those controlling the explosion of gases and directing of electrical energy are employed in the construction of an automobile motor; if these basic Laws are ignored the motor will be a failure.

      2. In the study of the Scriptures, if the basic laws of language and interpretation are ignored, or are not employed, the message God intended to convey may be misunderstood or misinterpreted in part or in whole.

  2. In the Bible, which is God's revelation to man, the thought and also the very words by which the ideas were expressed in the original tongues were given infallibly by he Holy Spirit of God.

    1. In the Scriptures the Lord said exactly what He meant and meant just what He said.

    2. The prophets and apostles spoke and wrote in the language of the people to whom the ministered.

    3. The Lord had a very definite idea to convey whenever He made a statement.

    4. A careful and honest appraisal of any statement found in the Scriptures will reveal that it has a definite and specific meaning; and a solemn and sincere purpose should be exercised to learn exactly what is said in the Scriptures and to arrive at the precise idea of the inspired writer.