אל אלהים יהוה אלהי ישראל


THE present book constitutes the first volume of the "Messianic Series" of the Biblical Research Society. The names of this set are: The God of Israel, Messiah: His Nature and Person, Messiah: His Redemptive Career, Messiah: His First Coming Scheduled, Messiah: His Historical Appearance, Messiah: His Imminent Second Coming, and Messiah: His Final Call to Israel. Four of these volumes have appeared and have enjoyed wide circulation. The last three are yet to be produced (1945). Much work has been accomplished on the fifth of the series, which, when completed, will contain probably around a thousand pages in the unabridged edition. Each of these books deals with one special phase of truth which is essential to the understanding of God, His nature, His relation to the material universe, His relation to man, and the unfolding of His eternal plan which began prior to the creation of the world, which is unfolding through the centuries, and which will continue to do so throughout the ages of the ages. The series is so related that it is difficult for one to see these vital truths adequately unless the entire series is studied.

The first volume,
The God of Israel, consisted of certain chapters of my book, The Eternal God Revealing Himself to Suffering Israel and to Lost Humanity. These chapters were lifted from the larger book and made into a booklet of 48 pages and to it was given the title indicated above. God has used this message to the blessing of many souls throughout the world. Many through its message have been won to a saving knowledge of God our Saviour. Throughout the years, however, I have realized that this pamphlet presented only a partial view of the truth with reference to the God of Israel. I have therefore been waiting patiently for the time when I could re-study the whole subject and could give the vital facts and truths concerning Him who entered into covenant relationship with the Chosen People, the Jews. Finally, the time came--when I returned in the late fall of 1944--for me to make this revision. After much investigation and hard study I have been enabled, by the grace of God, to produce the present volume. Practically everything has been re-written, there being very few lines of the original pamphlet appearing intact in the present volume.

The first chapter of this book is taken almost in toto from my book, What Men Must Believe. A certain portion of the original was deleted and the remainder was shortened because of a lack of space in the present book.

Each of these chapters paves the way for understanding the next one. It is therefore necessary that the reader, starting at the beginning, study each chapter until he has completed the book.

On account of the lack of space it is impossible to discuss the subject of the God of Israel in an adequate manner, in a volume of this size. The facts and the truths that have here been presented are sufficient, however, to enable the reader to formulate a definite idea of the Almighty and of His relation to the world and to man in general--but to the believer in a particular and special manner.

In presenting this volume to the public, I wish to acknowledge gratefully benefits that I have received from the study of certain recognized standard works. I also wish to acknowledge help rendered by the office staff of the Society in assisting me to produce the volume in record time.

My prayer goes forth with the book that it may be used by the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob in bringing the truth of His Holy Word to countless numbers of people.

Los Angeles, California.
May 8, 1945.